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Capsulent develops innovative formulation technology for Personal Care, Home Care, and Health Care among others. Initially founded around our proprietary thin-walled polymer complex microcapsule technology, we now leverage a substantial and growing IP portfolio. Capsulent specializes in developing high-performance raw materials using natural biopolymers, and these currently include technologies to repair split ends and hair damage, shelf-stable encapsulated live probiotics, ultra shear-thinning high yield suspending agents, super long-acting insect repellents, and much more.

Capsulent products are in a wide range of commercial formulations and you may very well have some of our technology already in your home or workplace.
All of our commercialized raw materials are available through our partner, Earth Supplied Products (

With over 15 years of experience in a variety of consumer markets and new intellectual property development, Capsulent also provides consulting services to identify innovative solutions to formulation problems and for intellectual property questions.

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Tycho Speaker, PhD

Founder and President

Formally trained as a process engineer and a physical chemist, Tycho brings over 15 years of experience in drug delivery and skin care to Capsulent. As the Senior Scientist at TransDerm Inc, he developed soluble microneedle technologies that eventually lead to the company’s sale. Tycho was then brought on by Allergan and then Abbvie as a Director of Drug Delivery, a position that he still holds. He continues to expand Capsulent’s intellectual property portfolio and applications as we expand globally.

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Chief Operating Officer

After completing a degree in Science and Economics from Claremont McKenna College, Nik graduated as valedictorian of Saint Louis University School of Medicine. During medical school, he earned an MBA at Washington University in St. Louis and served as Student Director of Research at healthcare start-up that sold in 2021. He also completed consulting projects in St. Louis, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, and Shanghai. He is currently a resident physician in California and pushing the expansion of our technologies as Chief Operating Officer.



Senior Scientist, Formulation Development

Andrew earned his PhD in Chemistry from UC Davis in 2014 studying the influences of nanomaterials in radiation oncology. For 15 years, Andrew has focused on the research and development of nano- and micro- materials for technology and biological applications across multiple industries. As a chemist and engineer in materials and biologics, Andrew brings to the team his talent for identifying and executing solutions to support product development and to achieve company goals.

Earth Supplied Products, LLC

Our Manufacturing Partner

Earth Supplied Products (ESP), of Naples, FL, is Capsulent's partner and handles Capsulent's sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution for Personal Care and other principal markets. Peter Boncelet (CEO) and the ESP team bring over 60 years' combined experience in servicing multinational consumer products companies and custom sourcing specialty raw materials.


ESP's emphasis on innovation and solving customer problems are a natural fit with Capsulent's technology and approach. ESP is ideally positioned to bring our encapsulates to mass markets, and ensure a reliable and robust supply chain and market-appropriate pricing and terms.

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Our Global Distribution Partners

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