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Thin-Skinned Microcapsules

Capsulent microcapsules are nano-thin flexible walls precipitated around droplets of active materials. The skin contains the active material, forming a reservoir that can release it through diffusion, evaporation, or rupture. Adjuvant materials inside and outside the capsules control the release kinetics, enabling application-specific release profiles.


Capsulent’s proprietary thin-skin microcapsules carry payloads of greater than 99%, much higher than competitive encapsulation technologies. 


Capsulent's patented thin-skin microcapsules are unique and proprietary. Flexible, transparent, permeable skins are formed by in-situ precipitation of amphiphilic macromolecules. A range of wall chemistries are possible; but
most of our products use inexpensive, plant-derived materials already in
common use as personal-care product ingredients.

Image by Talha Hassan


Capsulent microcapsules are robust to a wide variety of conditions and compatible with most consumer product formulation and processing.


Capsule walls are unaffected by:
- pH 2 - 12;
- freeze-thaw-80°C processing;
- surfactants;
- mixing or pumping shear.


While our microcapsules are compatible with both cationic
and anionic formulations, very high ionic strengths can affect
wall stability. The permeable walls of our controlled-release
products can be subject to leaching by high solvent content.

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Encapsulate Types

Water Drops

Water-In-Oil Encapsulates

Capsulent offers a variety of encapsulated oils and oil miscible materials as well as custom development of your oil-miscible actives.


These encapsulates are provided as a slurry in an aqueous carrier, suitable for direct dilution into aqueous formulations, such as shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotion bases.


Standard materials include: oil-soluble vitamins and OTC pharma actives.


This encapsulation platform is suitable for materials that do not have significant water solubility. Water-soluble or water-reactive materials can leach through the permeable capsule walls.

Oil-In-Water Encapsulates

Capsulent offers a variety of encapsulated water miscible materials as well as custom development of your water-miscible actives.


These encapsulates are provided as a slurry in a non-aqueous carrier, suitable for direct addition into oil-based products or dispersion into aqueous formulations. A lipid barrier layer remains bound to the capsule after dispersion, keeping contents isolated from the continuous phase.


Standard materials include: glycerin, high-potency green coffee antioxidant, and OTC pharma actives.


This encapsulation platform is suitable for materials that do not have significant lipid solubility. Lipid-soluble materials may leach through the permeable capsule walls.

Oil and Water
Image by Daily Nouri
Image by Daily Nouri

Probiotic Encapsulates

Capsulent's probiotic encapsulates open a world of possibilities for advanced skin and health products!


Our proprietary cultures form a unique symbiotic ecosystem of beneficial microflora. Encapsulation provides an added layer of stability to the system making it tolerant to alcohol and preservatives, and will survive complete drying. This robust platform uses live cultures grown in a certified organic facility, which are then encapsulated into dormant micro-worlds, ready to help skin recover from harsh antibacterial formulations.


Typical antibacterial products leave skin sterile and unprotected, promoting fast recolonization with pathogens or foreign bacteria. Capsulent's probiotic encapsulates are stable within ethanol sanitizer formulations, staying dormant until the product is completely dried. That's when the capsules bloom with a balanced ecosystem of healthy microflora ready to compete with any new colonizing bacteria.


Capsulent probiotic encapsulates are suitable for use in 65% ethanol sanitizer formulations and antibacterial handwashes.

Aloe Vera


A+ is Capsulent's proprietary combination of aloe and alginate. We can create A+ in powder, gel, or bead form and it is made from all natural ingredients. Our proprietary combination can create a viscous gel that is visually clear and strongly sheer thinning. The algin promotes granulation tissue formation and re-epithelialization by inducing collagen synthesis and the aloe provides anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and hemostatic properties. A+ has been used in products for acute and chronic wound management and shaving (creams, foams, aftershave).

Aloe Vera
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